Helping Kiwi kids to experience the ocean

The ocean is at the heart of our uniquely Kiwi lifestyle, and we want to give all kids the opportunity to experience it. The New Navigators programme offers an exciting, inclusive environment for children from all walks of life to learn about the water, build confidence, gain new skills, and have fun! We’re looking for Kiwis who share our passion to support us to continue this mission.

A full day of marine activities

New Navigators is an action-packed water awareness program that teaches students about water safety and the marine environment through participation in marine sports. In a thrilling day out, children will try their hand at sailing, while learning simple ways that they can help to protect the ocean thanks to the Blake Trust NZ-VR outreach programme.

What’s included in the programme
Our objectives
The Benefits

Many children are missing out on the learning and self-development that the ocean can provide. By supporting the Akarana Trust’s New Navigators programme, you’ll give children from decile one and two intermediate schools the opportunity to accomplish something new, learn essential water skills and develop their capabilities further.

“I never thought I could have done what I’ve done. It’s been awesome.”

We need your help

We’re passionate about providing a safe pathway to the sea for our kids, but we can’t do it alone. Donate now to help us bring the New Navigators programme to even more children across Auckland.

Get in touch with to learn more about New Navigators and how your donation, sponsorship, voluntary involvement or VIK contribution can help us to continue to educate and inspire our children to get out and enjoy the ocean. 

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From one-off donations to sponsorship of a child or class, we welcome your support and can work with you to determine a level of involvement that will suit you. We are grateful for your support!

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