Pilates with Saul

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Akarana Community Initiative – Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trusts Fitness Fundraiser
Sunday Pilates at Akarana 9am – 10am
Classes are $20 and we are proud to announce that not only will $5 from each ticket be donated to a local school fundraiser, but proceeds will help fund ongoing community activities.

Sunday 9am – 9.50am | Book Class

Saul is a member of our community and a qualified instructor, who has joined our initiative with the same goal of giving back to our community. Read more about Saul here:

Hi there, I’m Saul, the founder of Pilates To Be. We’re a local evidence-based Pilates business with classes across the Eastern Bays. We specialise in mat Pilates, which is where it all began for Joseph Pilates, so you can be strong and healthy, w
ithout the need of cumbersome and expensive equipment. An exercise regime you can easily replicate at home, on holiday or on work trips so you can maintain your progress wherever you are.

My family have lived in the area since 2013 with our children attending Kohi and St Heliers primary schools and Glendowie College. We moved here from Sydney and before that London and fell in love with NZ and the local area, very quickly deciding to settle here for good. When I’m not teaching Pilates, you can find me walking along the incredible Tāmaki Drive, pottering around the garden or practicing law, which I now do part-time to allow space for Pilates.

My journey to Pilates began in 2009. After suffering with chronic back pain since my early 20s (later diagnosed as osteoarthritis in the lumbar spine), the physio suggested I try Pilates.

After practicing Pilates for over a decade and yoga for a few years, I noticed that whilst my back pain lessened and the acute episodic back spasms were less frequent, it did not resolve my back pain completely and my back would still spasm a couple of times a year, incapacitating me. This persisted through training with different teachers and styles and whether doing mat or reformer Pilates and even when doing 3 classes a week (for three years) with a global reformer franchise provider. So I began to explore whether I was the ‘problem’ and I’d just have to accept these limitations and the persistent pain for the rest of my life or was something missing from much of modern day Pilates practice?

What I discovered was that Pilates had changed over the years from the original practice and intent. Not only that, but many of the well-meaning exercise instructions (i.e. how to do a movement) given nowadays can limit our progress and are not supported by exercise science research. After switching to an evidence-based Pilates practice, to my surprise and absolute delight, my chronic back pain disappeared completely and I haven’t had a back spasm in years! I also feel stronger, more flexible and have better balance than ever before.

I decided to become a Pilates instructor so that others too could benefit from evidence-based Pilates. In 2023, I deepened my knowledge by completing a Diploma in Clinical Pilates which amongst other things taught me the principles of correct rehab from any injury or condition, understanding how to optimise exercises for strength and flexibility and a solid understanding of pain science.

I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge and helping others get stronger, more flexible, to live with less or no pain and simply ‘do life better’. Move, Heal, Strengthen, it’s why we came To Be!

Sunday 9am – 9.50am | Book Class

My credentials for those interested:

  • Diploma in Clinical Pilates through Breathe Education (Australian Government accredited)

  • Pilates instructor through Breathe Education (comprehensive qualification)

  • 15 years doing Pilates

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Emma Kilpatrick

Pilates with Saul

Akarana Community Initiative – Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trusts Fitness Fundraiser Sunday Pilates at Akarana 9am – 10am Classes are $20 and we are proud to announce that not only